Do you need help or assistance with your ExpressLink transactions?
        Call our Corporate Phonebankers at any of the following numbers:
   v 89100-341274 or 89100-341BPI for Metro Manila.
   v 1-800-188-89100-341BPI for domestic toll-free clients (where applicable).

        Text us and a Corporate Phonebanking representative will return your call.
        Just type:<elink>_<Name of Texter>_<Landline Numbers>_<Company Name>
        and send to:
   v 0917-89100-00

        Email us at

Do you want to know more about our products and services?

For business users :
        If you are an existing BPI client:
              Please contact your account officer or visit your branch of account.

        If you are not an existing BPI client, you may:
              Visit the BPI branch nearest you
        For more information about our various electronic banking products available in ExpressLink,
        click on the Online Tour.

For individuals:
        You may visit the BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank branch nearest you or you
        may log on to