What is ExpressLink?

Expresslink is an Internet-based cash management system for corporate clients that allows online inquiry of deposit accounts' balances, data file transfers, fund transfers, payroll uploading, BIR tax payment, collection and payment transaction, etc. Expresslink is designed to achieve the benefits of work simplification via automated and straight-through processes.

What banking transactions may I do via ExpressLink?

Account and Info Management

    • Inquire and view account balances and transactions – online, realtime
    • Download bank statement as a file
    • Inquire on status of post-dated checks
    • Viewing and downloading of collection reports
    • Viewing of non-deposit transactions such as commercial loans, trade and money market transactions.

Liquidity Management

    • Perform fund transfers from your enrolled source account/s to enrolled target accounts.
    • Sweep account balances from your sub-accounts to a concentration account or vice versa


    • Collect from your customers, subscribers or distributors through an automatic debit arrangement


    • Process salaries, reimbursements, allowances, dividends, commissions or loans to your employees electronically by crediting their Express Teller Accounts or their BPI Express Cash
    • Pay your corporate bills online
    • Upload your payment file for subsequent issuance of Manager’s Checks by the Bank
    • Execute payment instructions for filed BIR tax returns

Are there any fees charged for making transactions through ExpressLink?

A Memorandum of Agreement is executed between BPI and the corporate client who avails of ExpressLink. Transactions are subject to the fees and charges as indicated therein.

What benefits can customers derive from ExpressLink?
    • Convenience - Customers can log in day and night to perform banking tasks and receive real-time information on their deposit accounts.
    • Security - There are security features at every level of the Internet Banking transaction. One such feature is the use of VerisignTM, the recognized authority in ensuring Internet security.
Can I do account transactions even from outside the Philippines?

Yes, ExpressLink allows you to access your enrolled accounts anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Do I get a receipt for every transaction I make?

A Transaction Reference Number, which serves as your electronic receipt, is displayed after each transaction you complete. This Transaction Reference Number is a record that a transaction was accepted. We suggest you copy this number or print the transaction screen to serve as your record.

Which corporate bank products or services may I access or apply for
through Expresslink?
    • Deposit Accounts Inquiry
    • Post-dated Checks Inquiry
    • Other Inquiry (Money Market, Import/Export, Commercial Loans)
    • Funds Transfer / Account Sweep
    • Automatic Debit Arrangement
    • Company Credits
    • eCash Loading
    • Online Payments
    • Bills Payment
    • Check Cutting
    • BIR Tax Payments
What should I do if I encounter problems using ExpressLink?

If you have any comment, inquiry or concern regarding ExpressLink, feel free to call our Corporate Phone Bankers at 89-100, extension 6 or e-mail us at


1. Who may access ExpressLink? What accounts may be enrolled?

BPI corporate clients, who will be duly accredited by the Relationship Managers, may be granted access to ExpressLink, subject to enrollment and execution of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). The extent of transactions, consequently, would vary per company as defined in the MOA.

2. What types of account could be enrolled in Expresslink?

Expresslink corporate clients can enroll all active Savings/Current accounts in any currency maintained in BPI.

BPI Family Bank accounts may also be enrolled. However, only the following features are available for now:
(1) yesterday's transaction inquiry

(2) yesterday's balance inquiry, and

(3) 2-month's transaction history.

3. Whom shall we contact if we want to avail the services of Expresslink?

You may contact your Sales or Account Officer for a complete product briefing. You may also visit a BPI or BPI Family Bank nearest you or you may send an email to

4. How long will it take before I get enrolled and start using ExpressLink?

Enrollment will be completed within 3 to 5 banking days from our receipt of all required documents.

5. If I’m already enrolled in a set of facilities, how do I avail of additional services?

For enrollments in additional ExpressLink facilities, you may contact your Sales or Account Officer to facilitate the required documentation and process the enrollment.

6. How do I log into the system?

After you have been enrolled, go to, and you will be prompted to the Home Page. On your initial log-in, you will be prompted to enter your assigned User ID and initial password. You will then be asked to change your initial password.

7. Is ExpressLink available 24 hours a day?

Yes, ExpressLink is available daily 24 hours a day.

8. Are there any software or hardware requirements for using ExpressLink ?

Your computer must have at least the following specifications:





Requirements listed will enable Expresslink to run on your PC


Requirements listed will deliver the optimum system performance for Expresslink







500 MHz CPU (Pentium3)






Win 98 and NT 4.0


128 MB

256 MB

Win 2000, XP, ME


256 MB

512 MB

Internet Connectivity


Modem/Speed 56.6kbps


High speed internet or broadband connection



SVGA or higher with 800x600 screen resolution, 16-bit high color video monitor display for best view

SVGA or higher with 800x600 screen resolution, 16-bit high color video monitor display for best view





Operating System


Windows 98/ME

Windows 2000/XP



Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5

*Netscape Communicator is currently NOT supported.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (Enabled ActiveX Controls and Plugins)


How secure is it to transact via ExpressLink? How secure are transactions
made via ExpressLink?

With BPI ExpressLink, security is of the highest priority.

ExpressLink provides you the best security available. With Expresslink multiple-layer security, we provide Non-repudiation of transactions, Data Confidentiality and Integrity, Authenticity, Secure Access, User Authorization, Responsibilities of the signer, Security Peripherals.

ExpressLink is the only online financial management system in the Philippines that utilizes the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) technology. PKI is an asymmetric key system which consists of a private key that generates the digital signature and a public key that verifies the digital signature.

Whatever your online transactions may be, make sure they remain confidential and well-protected. Do it the ExpressLink way.

Non-repudiation of transactions. Digital signatures are created when a transaction is created or approved. Thus, the maker of the transaction, as well as the approvers, cannot deny the fact that they created or approved the transaction.

Data Confidentiality and Integrity. Thru data encryption, information passing from the user to BPI and vice-versa is kept confidential. Data remains complete and unaltered during the time it is transmitted from the client’s site to the bank’s computers, and vice-versa. All information viewed through ExpressLink are protected by Verisign using SSL 128-bit encryption technology. This ensures that the data you inquire is secured when transmitted on the internet.

Authenticity. Each ExpressLink user has his own unique user id and password. Our servers check if the user id entered is a valid user id and if the password entered corresponds to the given user id.

Secure Access. Access to ExpressLink is allowed only upon entry of a valid user id and the corresponding password. Multiple logons using the same user id is not allowed. A user is automatically logged-off after a prescribed time of inactivity. For a user to create or approve a financial transactions, the user must have the valid minikey.

User Authorization. User’s access to company accounts, and the different functions and services that the user could use are pre-enrolled depending on the documentation submitted by the company.

Responsibilities of the signer. Exercise reasonable care to avoid unauthorized use of his electronic signature and/or signature creation device;

Notify appropriate persons, including the concerned information certifier, without undue delay if:
- the signer knows that the electronic signature has been compromised; or
- the circumstances known to the signer give rise to a substantial risk that his electronic signature may have been compromised; (abridged from Rule 15, Dept. of Trade and Industry, Implementing Rules and Regulations on Electronic Signatures)

Security Peripherals. Bank of the Philippine Islands issues PrivateWire Minikeys containing your digital certificate to further protect your financial transaction over the internet. Minikeys will be your electronic pen used to sign your electronic transactions in ExpressLink. It addresses non-repudiation of electronically signed documents, as stated in Republic Act 8792.

How many incorrect log-in tries are allowed before my ExpressLink
User ID gets locked?

Your ExpressLink User ID will be locked after three (3) consecutive incorrect log-in attempts or after ten (10) cumulative incorrect log-in attempts. If your User ID gets locked, you may call our hotline at 89-100 for assistance.

Why do we need a minikey in doing financial transactions?

The minikey provides an additional layer of security on top of the User ID and Password, when making financial transactions in ExpressLink. Adopting a 2-factor authentication method (what you know, and what you have), this ensures that all financial transactions from ExpressLink are done only by your company’s authorized users.

How many minikeys do we need in order to transact in ExpressLink?

One minikey is assigned per ExpressLink user. At the very least, two (2) minikeys are required. One for your company’s maker, and one for the authorizer.

Can I use my minikey and access ExpressLink at an Internet Café
or using any online PC?

Yes you can, as long as you install the required software for the minikey. However, we don’t recommend that you access ExpressLink using a public PC like the ones at internet cafes as these are often the source of viruses and malicious software such as key-loggers, which may compromise the security of your User ID and password.


Can funds be transferred to any other account?

You may transfer funds to your company’s own enrolled accounts and to enrolled 3rd party accounts.

Can fund transfers be made between USD accounts or any other currencies?

Yes, you can transfer funds to and from your accounts in any currency as long as the currency of both the source and target accounts is the same. Cross-currency funds transfer is currently not allowed.

Is there a limit to the amount of fund transfers one can make?

Fund transfer limits vary depending on the authorized limits as specified by the client in the enrollment forms.


May I access old (any month) statements of account?

ExpressLink allows you to download their past two (2) months statements of account.

As for older statements, you may request for them by getting in touch with our Corporate Phone Bankers at 89-100, extension 6 or by emailing them at

Are there fees/charges incurred for statement requests through ExpressLink?

Statement downloading is free of charge. However, requests for older statements are subject to the same charges as that of other channels.


How do I enroll in BIR EFPS?

To start paying your BIR taxes through ExpressLink, you will first need to enroll in BIR EFPS. To do this, follow the step-by-step procedures shown in the EFPS website by clicking on this link:

Can BIR view our account balances if I enroll in ExpressLink?

No. All information reflected in ExpressLink is strictly between your company and BPI only. No third parties, even Government entities will be able to access your accounts or transactions.

Once I enroll and pay my taxes through ExpressLink, can I still pay
manually over-the-counter?

For Large Taxpayers only tax returns not covered by the system can be filed manually but for Non-Large Taxpayers they have the option to either electronically file or pay and/or manually file and pay. However, you can file manually if the EFPS continues to malfunction for two (2) hours or if there is a system error that renders it unavailable as announced through a Revenue Regulation or Revenue Memorandum Circular.


If we migrate from branch payroll to ExpressLink, can we still send
our payroll instruction files to the branch for processing?

Yes, you may still send your payroll files to the branch but only as a contingency if you cannot access ExpressLink.

How do we create payroll files that we send through ExpressLink?

By enrolling in the Payroll facility, you will be provided with a Payroll File Writer and a Payroll Converter which will allow you to create or export files from your payroll system to a format allowed by ExpressLink.